17 Adorable Heart Hairstyles – Cute Hairstyles for kids You Will LOVE!

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Heart Hairstyles

Weaving girlish braids was relevant almost at all times. Hairstyle heart – one of the most popular of its variations. She is preferred by predominantly young ladies. Now hairdressers-stylists offer a huge number of interesting ideas that are easy to implement.

Beautiful weaving instantly transform the whole look, give it sophistication, elegance and lightness at the same time. It is desirable that the model’s hair was long – below the shoulders. But also on short strands you can also make wonderful patterns.

Look how nice the hairs of your heart look at the photo below:

How to make a hair “heart” of hair with ribbon
To work, in addition to diligence and patience, you will need simple accessories:

  • thin elastic bands – at least two pieces;
  • invisible hairpins – transparent or colored;
  • pointed comb, brush;
  • hair spray;
  • Satin (silk) ribbons of bright colors, brooches for hairdressers, pearl beads, flowers, hair clips with rhinestones, etc.
  • Some hairstyles in the shape of a heart, which seem superficially too complex, keep a little secret: braids are weaved according to a previously prepared parting. So weaving on the head of the model, you can set any direction, experiment with the size.

Holiday offer

For those who do not miss a chance to use colorful decorations in their solemn hairstyles, the following method of decorating long hair will fit.

  1. The manual explains how to make the hair of the heart step by step, decorating it with a bright braid:
  2. Initially, we share the combed curls with a straight vertical parting.
  3. Starting from the crown, proceed to the separation of a narrow skein.
  4. We divide it into 3 sections and proceed to weaving with one-way interception, along the parting border.
  5. We form the arch, picking up strands from the face.
  6. Very slowly we go down towards the back of the head. Having formed a diagonal, we intercept a bunch with an elastic band.
  7. We do the same on the opposite side, observing symmetry.

We take the ironed ribbon, pass it through the bottom of the figure and move up to the top – in the form of “lacing” (cross-wise). Capture only outer braid links.

Going to the middle of the heart, we stretch the tails of the tape in isolation on each side. The free edges of the ribbon should eventually be at the point of convergence of the bulges. It is there that we tie them with a bow.

How to make a hair with a heart ribbon

We figured out, but it does not hurt to say a few words about the features of the ribbon itself. According to the style, the accessory is always selected taking into account the dress – not necessarily the tone to tone (or print to print), but colors and ornaments are required to make a good tandem, that is, it is advantageous to emphasize each other. It is better to use a string of satin, with a delicate edging, so that it does not cling to the hair and does not cause discomfort.

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