34 Space Buns You Can Easily Copy – How to Make Space Buns Tutorial

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Space Buns

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you should know about this hairstyle and, moreover, simply have to learn how to do it, because Space Buns horn beams are the most fashionable hairstyle on social media. The idea of ​​a hairstyle with two funny buns is not new and came to us from the 90s. It was during this period in absolute fashion that all fashionable girls were enthusiastically heard by rebel-rocker Gwen Stefani and her dramatic Don’T Speak, as well as the windy Wannabe from the British girlfriend Spice Girls, whose participants often made Space Buns for themselves.

The blonde Babe Emma Bunton, who was called Baby Spice, was particularly successful in this. Well, if you examine the hairstyle in more detail, then it is obvious that its beams-horns owe their popularity to the main heroine of the Star Wars cosmic epic, the brave warrior Ray. Hence the name – Space Buns – space buns, they are also buns, they are also bunches. Cute and very simple hairstyle, which is now experiencing its second “star” (here is such a pun!) Hour.

Two symmetrical volumetric bunches, twisted, like those delicious pretzels, around their axis and laid on the side parting – the perfect hairstyle for summer. You will not be hot with them. The hairstyle is so universal that it will suit almost any length and type of hair (both curly and straight) and completes diametrically opposite images – from smart casual to romantic boho or sports chic.

Since the Space Buns wore Ray horns, Spice Girls and Gwen Stefani soloists, they were somewhat modified and evolved – now they can be made careless with as if not deliberately knocked out curls (like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner) or worn at all with semi-flowing hair , and you can also braid a wow-braid and decorate it with glitter. Well, this is an option for those who want to be the center of attention! Space Buns – a hairstyle that can be changed as your soul desires and decorate with any decor – the main thing is to make you comfortable with these cute horn bunches.

The second wave of Space Buns popularity began with the show of Anna Sui at Fashion Week in New York in February – models, including the aforementioned Insta-stars, defiled along the runway with these beams. The hairstyle was so much liked by social networks that it was picked up by bloggers and replicated on Instagram and Pinterest, and workshops on its creation flooded the entire Youtube. Then struck the most famous music festival – Coachella, in which Space Buns became almost the most important hairstyle after careless and never-leaving-fashion beachy waves.

Several months have passed since Coachella, and Space Buns are still popular. Moreover, they officially became the most popular haircut on Pinterest: as the social network statistics show, interest in Space Buns grew by 162%, photos and workshops with bundles posted and reposted more often than any haircut from the beginning 2017 Now you should definitely learn how to do it! Soon, the editors of Beauty.ua will definitely show and tell you how to make Space Buns yourself.

By the way, the world has won another trend of hairstyles – Octopus Bun. Octopus bundle? Yes it is! The most comfortable summer hairstyle has undergone some modifications and finally won the love of fashionistas all over the world. And most importantly, Octopus Bun can be done in just 10 seconds!

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