35 Purple Balayage Hair Color Ideas from Subtle to Vibrant

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Purple Balayage Hair Color

Scrolling to Insta is literally a moodboard for hair heads … Curls, hairstyles, braids – ugh, we all love it! It does not look good, it is impeccable color.

It can be very expensive to do right! To talk about everything you need to know before you dye your hair, we will talk to the British GOD, Daniel Galvin, who colored the curls of Princess Diana, Adelie and Madonna. If you need to know what these coloring rules are!

Brown Bob With Purple Balayage Violet Balayage Bob For Brunettes Lavender And Purple Balayage

The secret of improved hair color:

Cooking is the key! Color is most effectively manifested in hair in good condition. It is almost impossible to get shine and shine on dyed and damaged hair, therefore, it is necessary to contribute money to high-quality products to prepare hair for home use. Or my favorite natural DIY – coconut oil.

DIY: this makes the skin an ideal natural task for people with dry hair and scalp. To achieve optimal results, I have to drink champagne at night.

Hairstyle and heat protection products such as Daniel Galvin Heat Protect and Style spray.

Blue And Pastel Purple Balayage Curled Black With Purple Balayage Hair Long Pastel Purple Balayage Hair

It is true, excessive washing and styling accelerate fading, as well as time in the sun! To increase the longevity of your color, choose products without sulfates, since sulfates tend to separate color from treated hair.

Professional products contain a greater amount of active ingredients to improve hair quality and, therefore, retain color more effectively. For example, the Daniel Galvin Love Your Highlights line is completely chemical free and contains powerful conditioning ingredients that nourish and protect selected hair.

Top tip: To prevent further weakening of dyed hair, avoid using heat as much as possible. Instead of pulling the curlers, you can braid your hair, then brush it and use salt spray to mimic loose beach waves. (Check out how to get fast curls without heat here).

Purple Blue Balayage For Black Hair Brown Hair With Purple And Pink Balayage Blue And Purple Balayage For Brunettes

The difference between the highlights, traffic lights and ballet: It’s all in the technique! Highlighting and highlighting are contained in foil, while Balaj is applied directly to the hair.

For those who are not familiar with the color world, I always recommend Balaj, as it keeps a lot of natural hair color at the root, so you can try a brighter look with less cost – it looks more natural and easier to maintain.

Why toner is the secret to good color:

Toners are an integral part of the dyeing process, especially for blondes. Unlike bleaching, which deprives hair of its color, toner uses pigments to change the shade of color – something like a color correction for hair.

They are mainly needed to neutralize copper/orange shades in bleached hair. For example, violet toner picks up orange tones to a more light-silvery shade of a blonde.

Short Choppy Purple Balayage Style Purple And Electric Blue Balayage Long Purple And Blue Balayage Hair

Toners can also freshen medium-length faded hair and ends, but your hair color needs to be considered. Red and copper tones are notorious for disappearing, so you may need to update them more often, in which case I would advise using toner between root applications.

In contrast, I try to avoid using toners for blonde blondes, since too many applications can lead to hair lacking gloss and shine. If the correct color formula is used, toner should not be necessary, although it is sometimes unavoidable.

Black Hair With Purple Balayage Pink And Violet Balayage Pastel Purple Hair With Black Roots

Why you should actually test your skin:

We know rolling eyes, but for anyone who is completely new to color, it is important to first do a skin test – at least 48 hours before color maintenance.

(You just need to read about how this woman received severe chemical burns to find out how serious skin testing is!) This can potentially save you from the many horrors associated with hair!

If you regularly use coloring, even if you choose only a minimal change in hue, you can react to the changed formula, so it is always better to solve this problem safely.

Long Brown Hair With Subtle Purple Balayage Brown Bob With Subtle Purple Balayage Chestnut Hair With Purple Balayage Ash Brown Balayage With Purple Ends Black To Pastel Purple Ombre

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